Turkey-EU Business Dialogue Project (TEBD) covered by November 2020-January 2021 which will be held between 'Development of Enterprise Debt Payment Skill Training' 'for the room and the 30 candidates selected from the stock market, one still Tarsus Chamber of Commerce It became an exchange.
The aim of this activity is to improve the capacity of providing primary care services to companies facing difficulties within the Chambers and Commodity Exchanges. This service will be based on the current Early Warning Mechanism developed for EU SMEs. The aim is to develop a diagnostic toolkit that allows SMEs to assess bankruptcy or bankruptcy risk. Mentoring Training will be given in 3 different sessions for the Solvency Audit event.
Payment difficulties falling SMEs advice and support that will begin to provide services Early Warning System project, the training team selected 365 rooms / stock from 2 Commodity Exchange, one of the Tarsus Commodity Exchange of Turkey-EU Business Dialogue Project (TEBD) Within the scope of three projects in the became the first stock market to take place.
The EU Acquis Audit continues to contribute to its members with the Baltic Countries Study Visit and the Project on Improving the Debt Payment Ability of Companies.
Following the completion of their training, Tarsus Commodity Exchange International Trade Coordinator Pınar Alegöz will make it financially audited for 10 member companies to be selected through TOBB as mentors.

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