a) Registering and arranging the trade of commodities within the quotation.,
b) Announcing daily prices for the trade of commodities within the quotation.,
c) Following domestic and foreign exchanges and markets and communicating with them.
d) Arranging and affirming documents which are mentioned in the article of 51.,
f) Constructing laboratory and technical offices to determine types and qualities of commodities that are traded in the exchange process,
g) Determining the trade usage and conventions within the region, submitting this data to The Ministry and then announcing it.,
h) Submitting opinions, comments and suggestions to the relevant authorities,
ı) Following possible anticompetitive contracts and decisions. If this type of action is to be recorded, Tarsus Commodity Exchange complains this action to the relevant authority,
j) Offering necessary information for its members that may be useful in their relevant activities,
k) Evaluating the application of its members’ registrations for domestic fairs and then offering them to TOBB,

l) Arranging and announcing the customs and practices of exchanges and coordinating duties established by other regulations and The Ministry of Industry and Trade