Instructor, Sinem Dursun Coşkun, the information given in the training given in practice and theoretically to the trainees.They also said that they will be given a first aid certificate and a first ai... devamı »
TARSUS commodity exchange top management and young entrepreneurial members started with 5 modules in the title of "MANAGEMENT SKILLS" with the first training course "Leadership and Coaching" in 5 diff... devamı »
Individuals of adequate and balanced nutrition societies have a healthier, more productive, more capable and more regular working power in the physical and mental aspects.Increasing the consumption of... devamı »
URGE Project Presentation Meeting supported by Ministry of Economy International Competitiveness Improvement (URGE) Program Within the scope of the project topic prepared by Tarsus Commodity Exchange,... devamı »
Tarsus My Tarsus We will be the guest of Tarsus for a total of 40 people group consisting of representatives of national companies, press and magazine in the field of gourmets, culture and food touris... devamı »
Tarsus Commodity Exchange President Murat Kaya, who published a message on 8 March International Women's Day, stated that it is our responsibility to increase the share of women in our political and s... devamı »
President Murat Kaya, "We first dreamed to succeed and then put our goals.After? VERY but I work VERY.The Accreditation System, which provides the opportunity to give "Five Star Service" to our member... devamı »
All our aim is to bring the olive and olive oil produced in Tarsus to our competitive position in the world and to make a world brand, especially our original Tarsus Sarıulak olive variety which is or... devamı »
They have exchanged ideas on what might be the benefits to be made in favor of producers in the meeting, which deals with the problems of the sectors and the common troubles in situations where they a... devamı »
Tarsus Commodity Exchange staff realized the first Education of 2017. In order to provide the personnel with better quality, safe and sufficient services, information was provided about the 2017 pers... devamı »


According to Act No:5174, Commodity Exchanges are the organizations that are responsible for arranging and registering trade commodities, establishing and announcing daily prices, creating general rules and decisions with the acceptance of TOBB (The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey) about obligation of delivery, accepting delivery and payments, arbitration procedures in conflicts, following and communicating with domestic and foreign exchanges and markets, constructing laboratory and technical offices to establish types and qualities of commodities that are traded in the exchange processes, arranging and announcing the customs and practices of exchanges and obscuring duties established by other regulations and Ministry of Industry and Trade. For these reasons commodity exchanges are very important under free market conditions.