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New Generation Entrepreneurship Seminar Held in the Pandemic World

KOSGEB supports and incentives were explained to the New Generation Entrepreneurs at the "New Generation Entrepreneurship in the Pandemic World" seminar, held in cooperation with the Sister Chambers and Commodity Exchanges on the internet and social media.

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The Quality Management System of the Commodity Exchange was audited by Turkish Loyd

 The Quality Management System of the Commodity Exchange was audited by Turkish Loyd.

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Tarsus Commodity Exchange, 3 Times in Turkey-EU Business Dialogue Project; " Debt Payment Capability Control Project of the Company "

  Turkey-EU Business Dialogue Project (TEBD) covered by November 2020-January 2021 which will be held between 'Development of Enterprise Debt Payment Skill Training' 'for the room and the 30 candidates selected from the stock market, one still Tarsus Chamber of Commerce It became an exchange.

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Tarsus Commodity Exchange Staff are at Waste Management Training

With the Zero Waste  project, the Tarsus Commodity Exchange Personnel received Waste Management training at the point where a more livable environment and a stronger economy were targeted with the separation and recycling of waste at source.


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Tarsus Olive Platform Meeting

 Tarsus Olive Platform meeting, in which the geographically marked Tarsus Sarıulak Olive and oil constitutes the main agenda, was held under the Presidency of District Governor Kadir Sertel OTCU.


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Actors of the Agricultural Sector Continued to Production and Export

 In the statement made by the Commodity Exchange, it was asked to pay more attention to the necessary measures to be taken against the epidemic in this period, when the sectors are going through a very difficult process due to the pandemic and the normalization is in the 3rd month.

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