KOSGEB supports and incentives were explained to the New Generation Entrepreneurs at the "New Generation Entrepreneurship in the Pandemic World" seminar, held in cooperation with the Sister Chambers and Commodity Exchanges on the internet and social media.

Issues to be considered in order to receive Online Entrepreneurship Training in the seminar held in cooperation with Tarsus Commodity Exchange, Kırşehir Commodity Exchange, Kızıltepe Commodity Exchange, Amasya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kastamonu Commodity Exchange and Nizip Commodity Exchange, the process of benefiting from the New Entrepreneur Supports provided by KOSGEB for Entrepreneurs , Traditional Entrepreneurship and Advanced Entrepreneurship issues, Enterprise Development Support Program, R&D and Innovation Support, Cooperation Support Program, SME Technology - SME Technological Product Investment Support Program.
In the survey conducted at the end of the seminar, 100% of the participants asked for the same seminar to be repeated for up-to-date support and incentives in case the support and incentives related to KOSGEB are renewed in 2021.

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