At the Tarsus Commodity Exchange Management meeting in August, new season ginning fees were determined and consultations were held on the agenda.

Commodity Exchange Chairman Murat Kaya, in his speech at the meeting chaired by Parliament Speaker İsmail Hakkı Ekincioğlu, stated that they held the Assembly meetings in March, April, May, June and July with the video conference system due to the Covid-19 epidemic that has threatened the whole world since March. He said that they held the assembly meeting in a physical environment in accordance with social distance rules.

Calling on the Exchange Members and demanding that all precautions to be taken for the pandemic be strictly observed, Murat Kaya said, “In line with the instructions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, workplace inspections regarding the epidemic continue under the coordination of Mersin Governorship and Tarsus District Governorship. Our hope is that; "It is the end of this epidemic that has plagued all humanity as soon as possible.

In addition, we participated in the live broadcast of TRT Çukurova Radio at the end of last week and shared our thoughts on the dominance of e-commerce and e-export in today's world trade with our audience, whose use has increased during the pandemic period.

The Chairman of the Exchange Council, İsmail Hakkı Ekincioğlu, wished that the August Assembly meeting would be beneficial, wishing businesses that started their commercial activities during the normalization process to overcome the season with the least loss and the epidemic to end as soon as possible.

Commodity Exchange International Trade Coordinator Pınar Alegöz made a presentation to the Assembly Members about the export transactions carried out by the Exchange members in the last 3 years, after the August Assembly meeting.

In his presentation, where Pınar Alegöz talked about the e-export and e-commerce trainings he has carried out one-on-one with Exchange members in the last 7 months, he mentioned the increase in the business volumes of the exporting Exchange members, and the export transaction volume of 17 million TL in 2017 was 62 million TL in the first 7 months of 2020. He explained that the members of the Commodity Exchange, where he was also providing training, started to use web pages for e-commerce.

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