Tarsus Commodity Exchange Chairman Murat Kaya said, "We must increase the use of e-commerce by our members."

While the export and import figures were evaluated at the first board meeting of August, the negativities in exports during the Covid-19 outbreak and the contractions in the trade volume were made digitally and the effects that stimulate the economy were consulted.

"We Should Increase E-Commerce, Digitilazation of Export Use of Companies"

President Murat Kaya, 2020, the first month of the Turkey-EU Business Dialogue (TEBD), funded jointly with Turkey by the European Union, Turkey and the Baltic States among among 12 agencies chosen by Eurochambres on a working visit on Enhancing Cooperation of Tarsus Mercantile Exchange He continued his statement that he stated that he was also found;

“We continue to provide support and services through our exchange staff in order to open the doors of exports, increase the export volume of our members and ensure their access to the market in the digital environment. Recently, we organized a webinar program on "Entry to the Baltic Countries Market and Opportunities" with the participation of our Lithuanian Vilnius Trade Attaché.

In addition, we follow the trainings that TOBB and our Ministry of Commerce continue on e-export and e-commerce, and inform our members on this issue. Believing that reaching distances that cannot be reached with e-commerce is an opportunity, we inform our members on this subject through face-to-face interviews, and if e-commerce is well evaluated, we serve our members to be the winners of the next period. " said.

"Our e-commerce volume increased by 48 percent, reaching 63 billion liras."

President Murat Kaya, referring to the statements of Mr. Ruhsar Pekcan, Minister of Trade, on e-commerce

"Our minister announced that the e-commerce volume was 63 billion liras with an increase of 48 percent compared to the first 5 months of last year. Looking at the detailed analysis on the basis of the sector, it is seen that agriculture and agricultural products still do not benefit from the e-commerce opportunity sufficiently.

 During the pandemic period, 1 million people started to use e-commerce for the first time. It is very clear that the interest in e-commerce, which is the shining driving force of the economy, will increase and increase from now on.

We anticipate this digital transformation in advance and offer the "tarsusbazaar.com" trading platform, which we have put into service as of 2018 within the scope of our URGE project and offered to all our members who export and want to export, and basic electronic commerce with the geographically marked Tarsus Sarıulak Olive e-order line on our website. We had prepared our infrastructure. In addition, our assigned personnel keep in close contact with our members about the opportunities for our members to take part in high-volume and well-known electronic marketplaces.


We expect our members to be more enthusiastic and brave about the ever-evolving electronic commerce opportunities that offer different target markets and functions. " said.



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